Sessions and Themes:

Community Transformation – Strategies for aging industrial towns to make the transition from the old to the new.

Intelligent Communities
- How economic and social development of the 21st Century community is enabled by broadband.

Broadband Enabled Education - School systems that are making beneficial use of broadband.


Local Last-Mile Networks.

Middle-Mile Regional Networks.

Telecommunication-Enabled Functions.

Medical And Telemedicine Applications   

Retail And Service Sector Use Of Websites And Social Media To Market Products And Services

Local Internet Service Providers That Offer Business Services Over Local Broadband Networks

E-Government Service Delivery By Local, State, And Federal Government

Danville Accolades

City of the Future

Site Selection Magazine – Top Metro - Population under 200,000

Top Five ranking - Best Economic Potential in the North American Cities of the Future (Micro Cities Category)

Top 5 Digital Cities - Center for Digital Government and Government Technology - Population 30,000 – 74,999

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Local, State and Federal Officials


Telecom Professionals

Economic Developers

Chambers of Commerce Members

Business Leaders


Broadband Activists

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    Comeback City

    The Economic Impact of
    Advanced Broadband Networks

    THIS IS THE FIRST conference of its kind in this country - an event devoted entirely to the relationship between a community's economic vitality and the presence of advanced broadband networks. Nations around the world have recognized this powerful linkage and responded to it - as have a growing number of communities in the United States. Each event in this new conference series will be held in a city with an advanced broadband system. Each event will have an impressive array of speakers whose mission will be to help attendees evaluate the options and opportunities and develop the optimal, affordable solution for their communities. The first conference is in Danville, Virginia - the Comeback City that bounced back from devastation with a visionary broadband strategy that's creating jobs and attracting the businesses and industries of tomorrow.



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    Conference Site:
    Danville Institute for Advanced Learning & Research

    All conference sessions will be held at the Danville Institute. Click here to see more photos of this venue.


     A Small City's Economic Transformation


    "We came to Danville because they get it."

    Gil Miller - Chief Technology Officer, Noblis

    Center for Applied High Performance Computing


    Chairman - Conference Series

    Jim Baller - President
    The Baller Herbst Law Group, PC

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    Open Access Chairman and Conference Advisor

    Andrew Cohill - President
    Design Nine

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    Learn how Danville is attracting new industries and businesses:

    Why Danville is home to a next-generation Cray XMT supercomputer — the first outside a federal lab or university.

    What made IKEA chose Danville as the home of its first U.S. factory.

    How Danville has recently attracted an aviation company, a maker of “green” computers, an applications and data center, a manufacturer of hybrid vehicles — and many more job-creating organizations.

    Understand the benefits of the city’s fiber networks:

    High-bandwidth available in office buildings, rental apartments, and condomini


    Area schools with Gigabit network connections and improved services at lower cost.

    The nDanville Medical Network connecting doctors’ offices and medical clinics around the city.


    The first U.S. municipality with a network designed to allow third party providers to easily offer services.

    Connectivity at any speed or capacity needed by any business in the region — including data centers and server farms.

    Customers being offered a choice of providers and services — and buying directly from private sector companies.

    Declining costs for telephone and Internet service.

    How a former textile city shaped its future growth:

    Danville is one of just a few areas of the United States with world-class telecommunications services to every home and business.

    Business owners and entrepreneurs can move to Danville knowing that workers and staff will all have affordable broadband access from home and from work.

    Services to include:

    • Live HD video
    • Movies on demand
    • Business videoconferencing
    • Telemedicine and telehealth services
    • Online gaming
    • Computer backup services

    • Distance learning
    • Editing and storage of home videos
    • Security services

    Public Power Smart Grids and Services

    The nDanville fiber network supports Danville’s Smart Grid effort providing resilient and reliable electric power to businesses and residents.

    nDanville uses state of the art Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) with sophisticated substation and power monitoring. Every substation is monitored using fiber connections — and a highly sophisticated

    outage management system enables the grid operators to quickly diagnose and solve power issues.


    Danville Organizations: